HCP specialists participate in EU Minor Uses meeting, October 2023

HCP Crop Protection Scientists, Drs Joanna McTigue and Kim Parker, represented GB Horticulture at meetings of the European Minor Uses Coordination Facility (EU MUCF) in Athens, from 24 to 27 October 2023. The mission of the MUCF is to “enable farmers in the EU to produce high quality crops by filling minor uses gaps through efficient collaboration, to improve availability of chemical and non-chemical tools within an integrated pest management (IPM) framework”. Whilst we are no longer members of the EU, we are still welcomed to work with our closest neighbours, to collaborate and share data packages that enable minor use applications to be made.
Kim and Jo participated in several Commodity Expert Group meetings in Athens, focusing on Fruit, Herbs & Spices, Ornamentals, Seeds, Vegetables, as well as attending separate on-line meetings for Mushrooms. It was a valuable opportunity to discuss minor use issues with over 70 attendees from across Europe. There was also the chance to visit a major ornamentals business close to Athens and discuss crop protection issues with the owners.

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