Efficacy trials

HSE (CRD) does not necessarily require efficacy data to be presented as part of an EAMU application, however efficacy trials can be valuable in the following ways:

  • To identify potential plant protection products (PPPs), either pipeline products or those registered for use on other UK crops, that are suitable candidates in terms of efficacy for EAMU applications.
  • To establish efficacious rates of application. 
  • To determine whether PPPs are safe to use (with no phytotoxicity) on the proposed crops.
  • To test and demonstrate how candidate PPPs (particularly biopesticides) could be used as a component of IPM

HCP can commission trials in agreement and on behalf of crop associations when required. A key benefit to this approach is that HCP can liaise with agrochemical and biological control companies (under non-disclosure agreements) to ensure that pipeline PPPs can be included for trialling where relevant.

Efficacy trials were formerly managed under the SCEPTREplus and similar programmes funded by AHDB. Trial reports from SCEPTREplus, SCEPTRE, MOPS and CP 205 can be found on the AHDB Horticulture website.