About HCP

About Horticulture Crop Protection UK Limited

Horticulture Crop Protection (HCP) UK Limited has been set up by the UK horticultural industry to take over the processing of plant protection product minor use applications (EAMUs) and Emergency Authorisation applications, following the wind-down of AHDB Horticulture.

HCP operates on a ‘not for profit’ basis and is owned and funded by the crop associations. A small team at HCP team manages the EAMU and Emergency Authorisation approval process. This also includes carrying out residue and efficacy trials to support applications where necessary.

How HCP is funded

Funds are subscribed to HCP on a voluntary basis. The subscription system comprises two elements:

  • A contribution to the running costs of the organisation
  • The actual costs of making an application. Every EAMU and Emergency Authorisation has a specific cost, added to this is the cost of any residue or efficacy trials needed to support an application.

Subscriptions are voluntary and are collected from growers through the network of crop associations.


HCP is a company limited by guarantee. The members of the company are crop associations.

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Horticulture Crop Protection directors

HCP is directed by a board of directors elected on a rotational basis by the member crop associations.

The current HCP directors are: