Risk registers

HCP risk registers provide a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities associated with crop relevant pests, weeds and diseases. 

The registers highlight the most problematic threats to achieving a marketable crop and enable HCP and growers to focus activity in finding solutions where needed. 

HCP holds a risk register for each crop association, and each register is scored by a group of technical specialists relevant to that crop. The score assesses the risk to the crop based on the likelihood of presence of the pest, weed or disease, combined with the probable crop losses associated with presence of that pest, weed, or disease.

HCP risk grid.

Scores may be amended as a consequence of changes in population levels of the pest, weed or disease; as an impact of new, more vigorous strains becoming widespread; as a result of resistance to a plant protection product (PPP); following withdrawal of existing PPPs or active substances; subsequent to authorisation of a new PPP; or on the development of new IPM strategies.

P/W/D Name Latin name Crop Likelihood Crop loss Risk Comment Change 
Pest Cumber Fly Cumberous volito Snozzcumber 2 5 10 Fairly unlikely to occur, but presence results in contamination and complete loss of fruit Reduced score due to new EAMU

Growers assess risk based on the current armoury available to them and scope to manage the pest with alternative management practices.

HCP works to maintain both existing PPPs and to bring new PPPs to growers. The registers track authorisations of PPPs available to each crop and against each target, and also features mode of action to further highlight limitations of the current product spectrum.

HCP also keeps abreast of discussions at the national and EU level regarding possible changes to availability of PPPs going forwards.

Details of each of the GB-approved active substances are held in a central HCP Active Substance Risk Register which feeds into each of the crop risk registers.

The following resources are used to inform of changes: 

  • EU pesticides database​
  • UK Pesticides Register of Authorised Products​
  • EFSA journal – peer reviews, confirmatory data
  • EC SCoPAFF Committee reports
  • Reports, i.e. Endocrine disruptor impact assessment (2016)​

HCP attends Crop Association technical meetings twice annually, and the risk registers are updated at least once a year.